BISSELL 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner

The Bissell Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is the most Eco safe and thorough method to clean all bare floors. This Mop, Bissell 1867 Floor Steam Cleaner is probably one of the most frequently reviewed steam Cleaner model available on the market now, and the most users say they are happy by using it. 17.5 ounce reservoir holds sufficient water to create about fifteen minutes of steam, also the mop gets hotter within thirty seconds.

There is an indicator light to Alert you about this. The mop head rotates 360 degrees levels, also the micro-fiber covers are machine cleanable. The steam is easily controlled by tugging a trigger, an element that gets mixed reviews. But Customers of this model express it offers lots of control, but could cause fatigue on a long cleaning job, while some others expressed this mop leaves too much water in the wake.

Product Description:

The Bissell steam mop for bare floors is ready to blast away grime in just 30 seconds and gets the job done without the use of chemicals or detergents. Operated by a tank of tap water as well. This mop shoots steam from its 10-1/2-inch floor nozzle whenever you pull its handle trigger. Slim and light-weight is a great feature that can easily maneuver swivel head with a suitably shallow profile for under shelves and cabinets. It’s safe to use on stone, marble, vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, sealed hardwood and laminate- which should dry after cleaning within few seconds.

It has color-changing beads to show when in need to be replaced, an externally mounted filter feature. The mop runs roughly fifteen minutes on a single tank, and fast set-up and heating time mean you may be cleaning again in a couple of minutes. A nice details include a ready indicator light, a comfortable handle, quick-release cord hooks, an extra mop cover, a wall-mount storage bracket and a built-in carrying handle. This Bissell steam mop floor steam cleaner also includes a 1 year warranty.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: BISSELL
  • Item model number: 1867
  • Removable tank: Yes
  • Power Button: Hand Switch
  • Handle: Fixed
  • Steam Hole: 1
  • Product Shipping Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26.7 x 7.5 x 7.3 inches
  • Swivel head: Yes, 360 degrees
  • ASIN: B00008NRTV
  • 7-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 45-1/2″ weighs in at 6.9 pounds
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #319,041

Floor steam cleaner

Pros & Cons about this floor steam cleaner:


  • This Steam-mop is for safe chemical free cleaning of your bare floors
  • Prepared to clean in thirty seconds
  • Low profile pivoting ergonomic handle, head, and steam trigger
  • Safe on ceramic, marble, stone, laminate, vinyl, sealed hardwood, and linoleum
  • It’s very easy to push.


  • Seems Short handle, Cord but you it doesn’t make any problem while cleaning.
  • It requires a long time to clean
  • Leaves flooring wet
  • Must depress trigger to release steam
  • This steam mop does not get the water as hot as other models,

Although here seems some disadvantage, but perfect hand use can help to overcome all of them.

Question and Answer about this floor steam cleaner:

Q: Is this also safe to use on my hardwood floors?

A: It’s not sure about hardwood floors, however this factor is worthless.

Q: Is this floor steam cleaners safe to use on engineered wood floors?

A: I did it. But my floors are simply old.

Customer Review about this Floor Steam Cleaner:

This steam mop works really great and it is quick, non messy, and easy to use.” – J. Smith

My wood laminate floors look and feel so clean and without using any harsh chemicals.” – R. Hayworth

The Bissell Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is the most ecologically safe, fast cleaning, safe and best way to clean any bare floor. This Bissell product is popular, you will find owner-written reviews on many review websites. It has an average rating that typically falling between 4.2 and 4.5 on a scale of 5 points.

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