BISSELL 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner

The Bissell Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is the most Eco safe and thorough method to clean all bare floors. This Mop, Bissell 1867 Floor Steam Cleaner is probably one of the most frequently reviewed steam Cleaner model available on the market now, and the most users say they are happy by using it. 17.5 ounce reservoir holds sufficient water to create about fifteen minutes of steam, also the mop gets hotter within thirty seconds.

There is an indicator light to Alert you about this. The mop head rotates 360 degrees levels, also the micro-fiber covers are machine cleanable. The steam is easily controlled by tugging a trigger, an element that gets mixed reviews. But Customers of this model express it offers lots of control, but could cause fatigue on a long cleaning job, while some others expressed this mop leaves too much water in the wake.

Product Description:

The Bissell steam mop for bare floors is ready to blast away grime in just 30 seconds and gets the job done without the use of chemicals or detergents. Operated by a tank of tap water as well. This mop shoots steam from its 10-1/2-inch floor nozzle whenever you pull its handle trigger. Slim and light-weight is a great feature that can easily maneuver swivel head with a suitably shallow profile for under shelves and cabinets. It’s safe to use on stone, marble, vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, sealed hardwood and laminate- which should dry after cleaning within few seconds.

It has color-changing beads to show when in need to be replaced, an externally mounted filter feature. The mop runs roughly fifteen minutes on a single tank, and fast set-up and heating time mean you may be cleaning again in a couple of minutes. A nice details include a ready indicator light, a comfortable handle, quick-release cord hooks, an extra mop cover, a wall-mount storage bracket and a built-in carrying handle. This Bissell steam mop floor steam cleaner also includes a 1 year warranty.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: BISSELL
  • Item model number: 1867
  • Removable tank: Yes
  • Power Button: Hand Switch
  • Handle: Fixed
  • Steam Hole: 1
  • Product Shipping Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26.7 x 7.5 x 7.3 inches
  • Swivel head: Yes, 360 degrees
  • ASIN: B00008NRTV
  • 7-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 45-1/2″ weighs in at 6.9 pounds
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #319,041

Floor steam cleaner

Pros & Cons about this floor steam cleaner:


  • This Steam-mop is for safe chemical free cleaning of your bare floors
  • Prepared to clean in thirty seconds
  • Low profile pivoting ergonomic handle, head, and steam trigger
  • Safe on ceramic, marble, stone, laminate, vinyl, sealed hardwood, and linoleum
  • It’s very easy to push.


  • Seems Short handle, Cord but you it doesn’t make any problem while cleaning.
  • It requires a long time to clean
  • Leaves flooring wet
  • Must depress trigger to release steam
  • This steam mop does not get the water as hot as other models,

Although here seems some disadvantage, but perfect hand use can help to overcome all of them.

Question and Answer about this floor steam cleaner:

Q: Is this also safe to use on my hardwood floors?

A: It’s not sure about hardwood floors, however this factor is worthless.

Q: Is this floor steam cleaners safe to use on engineered wood floors?

A: I did it. But my floors are simply old.

Customer Review about this Floor Steam Cleaner:

This steam mop works really great and it is quick, non messy, and easy to use.” – J. Smith

My wood laminate floors look and feel so clean and without using any harsh chemicals.” – R. Hayworth

The Bissell Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is the most ecologically safe, fast cleaning, safe and best way to clean any bare floor. This Bissell product is popular, you will find owner-written reviews on many review websites. It has an average rating that typically falling between 4.2 and 4.5 on a scale of 5 points.

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L)

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L)

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) Rating:
List Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $131.99
(as of 03/12/2014 17:05 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Product Description

This Never Loses Suction upright vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver at only 15 lbs. It includes a large capacity, bottom-empty bagless dust cup and a motorized brushroll for superior carpet cleaning that can be turned off for cleaning bare floors. Easy access wand and premium tools include a pet power brush, dusting brush, and short and extra long 24” crevice tools. A 25 foot long power cord makes it easy to clean throughout the home.


  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Lightweight & Easy to Maneuver
  • Premium Pet Hair Cleaning Tools with Pet Power Brush
  • Easy Access Wand
  • Large Capacity, Bottom-Empty Dust cup

Best Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

  • Brand: Hoover
  • Cleaning type: Upright vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaner width: 15 inch
  • Bag or bag-less: With bag
  • Power rating: 12 amp
  • Power cord length: 35 feet long power cable
  • Product weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Warranty: Five year limited warranty

Now you have both, upright and the canister vacuum cleaner in one box:

If your main concern is to find the Best Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner then, the Hoover Platinum Bagged Uh30010COM offers both in one, both an upright vacuum and a canister vacuum. Wonderful, isn’t it? In the event that you’re perusing this, chances are that you’re searching for an upright vacuum that is equipped to complete the sum of your cleaning necessities while being extremely lightweight and portable.

And the majority of us nowadays are set to must be transporting our family unit vacuums all over the stairs and two different zones of our homes, consequently weight is one of the greatest concerns for most individuals when looking to buy a vacuum. And upright vacuum cleaner for rugs and uncovered floors successfully.

Some great features of Hoover Bagged Uh30010COM:

Deals with all ground surface sorts and incorporates a hard floor connection. Makes simple work of vacuuming errands with an included canister vacuum you can convey on top of you as you work.

  • Wind tunnel innovation for better suction
  • The 3 divide air tunnels lift and evacuate earth from rugs and avert soil from diffusing back onto your clean floor.
  • Fixing toward oneself HEPA packs for cleaner air
  • Upright and canister HEPA sacks trap dust particles as fine as 0.3 microns and forestall it from getting away go into the air.
  • Advantageous characteristics for less demanding vacuuming
  • The Check Bag Indicator tells you when the pack is full. Force catch and double speed cleaning controls are positioned on the handle so you don’t need to arrive at down to power it on and off.
  • Movable canister included for hard surface or more the-floor cleaning
  • The canister with conveying strap weighs under 6 lbs. Use it with the hard floor connection, or with the fissure device and tidying brush for hard-to-achieve ranges.

Best Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Why you should have the Best Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

One of the best characteristics that is incorporated with the Hoover best Light weight Upright vacuum cleaner is the easy touch panels that are illuminated. As an example most cleaners don’t have this, consequently in the event that you end up in a low-light circumstance, and it’s not difficult to explore the catches and work the machine.

In addition, on top of the illuminated catches, there’s additionally a LED fog light and edge cleaning channels with included abounds for baseboards and different ranges of your home. Moreover, in one sentence, if you are looking for something which is cost effective and durable then this is the best you can have.

Hoover price comparison tablePros:

Both the Hoover upright and canister permit you the option to accomplish your cleaning work rapidly without numerous re-plugging. And with a 35 feet long cable is a great advantage of this Hoover brand and you can without much of a stretch, move this machine from zones to regions in huge room or even from rooms to rooms around your house.

The Hoover Platinum lightweight stowed upright vacuum accompanies the absence of weight yet the brimming with force. Moreover, the incorporation of numerous connection instruments is an alternate real accommodation of the item.


A number of individuals complain with the absence of separate handheld canister, but as a matter of fact this kind issue can be ignored. Actually, it has all the features you ever needed.

Gratification about the Best Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

884 satisfied users out of 1347 users has given a 5 star feedback and this such a great ratio as a sign of trust. Let’s check what other says about it:

customer rivews“Both are light weight and very easy to carry up the stairs.”—–Jennifer  

“Hoover Platinum Lightwight Upright Vacuum with Canister (bagged)… much better (and cheaper) than Oreck.”—–zupancicf48  

“AUTO CARPET HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Works beautifully.”—– User425

The bottom line:

Like most different things in life, various types of vacuum cleaners accompany diverse exchange offs. Case in point, upright models are amazingly proficient at cleaning substantial surface ranges quick.Not with standing, their exchange off is a general inclination to be substantial and cumbersome, particularly in the matter of errands like stair cleaning.

At the same time there are dependably exemptions, and one sparkling case is the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Bagged Vacuum.

Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum Review

Who doesn’t need a good vacuum cleaner? But the fact is, this is really hard to find the perfect one. Even if you found it andif it works well it is frequently too costly for the normal customer. And those moderate vacuum cleaners frequently neglect to give the pressure, power in addition comforts that make vacuuming a little more enjoyable. These things are no more correct because of the contrivance of the Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum.

After numerous hours of exploration, perusing surveys from customers plus reporting organizations and attempting it for myself, yes, I have discovered that Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright vacuum cleaner can’t be decimated. This vacuum cleaner is the ideal decision for individuals who are looking for an inexpensive and a budget friendly vacuum with a nice cleaning competence.

This specific model might not have an assemblage of characteristics that will match those of additional costly makes and models yet its cleaning productivity is all that anyone could need to adjust for what it needs in that branch. Basically, the Hoover Tempo Widepath is the no frills answer for anybody’s reasonable cleaning necessities.

Significant and Beneficial Feature of Hoover:

  • Hoover’s bag made with Allergen Media - Media channels and traps 99% of dust and dusts down to 5 microns.
  • Breathtaking Filtration - air passes through washable channels in the wake of leaving the sack and before it leaves the vacuum, so you can inhale simple.
  • Widepath Cleaning - 15″ cleaner width accomplishes the occupation rapidly
  • 25′ Power Cord - more than enough string to vacuum bigger rooms.
  • Item Built to North American Electrical Standards.

The reason behind the excellence of Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum:

At only 17 pounds the Hoover Tempo widepath upright vacuum is a lightweight vacuum cleaner than can without much of a stretch move from room to stay no sweat. And no matter who you are the Tempo can clean the whole home and be moved effortlessly. It offers a thin plan so stockpiling is simple, notwithstanding the lightweight outline.

In addition, the locally available capacity apparatus makes it simple to stay informed regarding the connections included with the Hoover beat. In fact, those connections incorporate a 1. cleanup brush, 2. furniture spout, 3. hole instrument plus two distinctive broadening wands. One of the best characteristics of the Hoover Tempo is its reasonable cost. For a vacuum cleaner offering so much you would likely hope to use several dollars!


Utilizing the Tempo cuts your cleaning time fifty-fifty. And with a 15 inches cleaning way, yes, now you can cover double the space in far less time when utilizing the Tempo. With a 25 inch developed power cable and triple surface stature change emphasize that permit you to clean without ceasing.The Hoover Tempo offers an against allergen filtration framework that traps to the extent that 99% of dust and dusts as little as 5 microns effectively.

This is something all hypersensitivity sufferers will have the ability to appreciate. Indeed, those without hypersensitivities can discover an improved air quality within their home with the utilization of this cleaner. And it sincerely profits everybody who claims it!The Tempo genuinely is a complete cleaning framework that recoveries both time and cash.


I haven’t found any strong cons about this cleaning machine. Some say this is a bit noisy, but I say that is not a big deal, as you are not using this machine all day long!

Let’s see what gratified consumers say about Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum

On Amazon, 1472 satisfied customers out of 2935 customers has given a 5 feedback as a sign of complete satisfaction. Are you going to buy today?

It is very light in weight, which makes it easy to use on the stairs.” -B.O.R. – Bill of Rights

It has good suction but the cord and hose are way to short.”- Merry

One of the best return on investment appliances I’ve ever purchased. 10 stars.”-Lawrance Morrissey ’Beer & Coffee Snob’.”Theabsolute verdict

The profits of the Hoover Tempo cleaner are really astounding, wouldn’t you approve? And in the event that you are as inspired as the others, this is the ideal opportunity to make this vacuum cleaner your own. Amazon has the most reduced value I’ve seen for the Hoover Tempo vacuum cleaner. When you are going to buy it?

Hoover wet and dry vacuum cleaner reviews

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Get a “hands and knees” clean for all your hard floors

Say goodbye to hands-and-knees scrubbing and say hello The hoover wet and dry vacuum cleaner with SpinScrub technology. It’s the ultimate 3-in-1 cleaner that vacuums, washes and dries hard floors.

View more informatin in amazon

Here’s What Makes this Hoover so Remarkable:

  • It vacuums, it washes, it scrubs, it buffs, it rinses and it dries: How so? The wet and dry vacuum cleaner combines Hoover’s very best innovations in one unit. From Hoover suction for dry messes to wet spill pick up.
  • It’s evolved cleaning: With a pull of the trigger, the Hoover vacuum cleaner washes, scrubs, rinses and dries with each pass so you don’t have to bend over to clean again.
  • Fast clean meets fast dry: The water extraction feature reduces wait times and keeps surfaces fresh, clean and dry.
  • It’s built to last: This Hoover unit has no belts to maintain and it’s stress tested in Hoover’s American engineering lab so you have a floor cleaner that can keep up with your clean up routine.


  • Simple Mode Selection
  • Dual tank technology
  • Mulch-purpose spin-scrub technology
  • Spin-scrub technology
  • Spin-scrub brushes
  • 13″ wide cleaning pathHoover wet and dry vacuum cleaner


  • Quick drying with squeegee finishes up cleaning fast.
  • Fingertip trigger control lets you apply extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas.
  • 27” Cord length
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Hoover price comparison table

Product Details

  • 3-in-1 bagless vacuums cleaner, washes, and dries hard floors
  • Patented counter-rotating SpinScrub brushes gently wash and scrub from all angles
  • Long quick-release power cord lets you clean large rooms without unplugging
  • Includes 30 hard-surface wipes and detergent
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

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Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum 3670G reviews

The Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum 3670G is a sleek new compact canister that makes bare floor cleaning easy. This lightweight canister vacuum weighs less than 9 pounds and gives its customers value for money. While it does well on carpets or rugs, it is ideal for vacuuming bare floors, wood floors and tiles. This small canister vacuum is extremely easy to carry and is appreciated for its maneuverability. The 20 foot power cord with quick release allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Storage is never a problem because of its compact size.

Lightweight & Mighty

The Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum is equipped with powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets and a full set of tools are provided for specialty cleaning such as stairs and upholstery. The Mighty Mite comes in a shipping box wherein the dusting brush is located at the top of the box and the crevice tool is stored within the handle of the item. This canister vacuum can pick up dust and pet hair easily. It has also made cleaning the insides of a car more convenient as it sucks up dirt and other small particles from under the seats as well as the sides.

Ideal for vacuuming quickly and efficiently

Equipped with a 12 amp motor, this canister vacuum not only creates powerful suction but also makes cleaning quick and efficient. The on board tools such as the crevice tool, upholstery nozzle/dusting brush and carpet/bare floor nozzle provide easier access to even the hard to reach areas. 2 extension wands also help clean the drapes and pull out cob webs from the ceilings. This bagged canister vacuum includes a triple filtration bag system. The vacuum comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

Mighty Mite canister vacuum

Getting The Best Results

  • Connect the hose to the front of the canister and attach the wands to the hose handle. Extend the telescopic wand by pushing lock button down and pulling on the wand until reaching desired height.
  • Adjust to maximum suction by closing the slip ring on the hose handle. Attach combination tool, crevice tool and turbo nozzle to the end of the hose. If additional reach is needed, place the wand on the hose handle first.
  • To use the blower port, detach hose from the front side of the canister and attach it to the blower port on the back side of the canister.
  • The dust bag and motor filter play a very important role in the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. If the bag or the motor filter becomes clogged, no air can pass through the cleaner and no cleaning can take place no matter how powerful the unit is. To keep the cleaner operating at maximum efficiency, change the dust bag frequently and clean the filter as needed.
  • Some fine particles can restrict the airflow very quickly and will decrease performance even before the bag appears to be full. For that reason, when vacuuming carpet fresheners or cleaners, powder, plaster dust or similar fine substances, the bag and filter may need to be changed more often.

product Details

  • Lightweight 12 amp canister vacuum safely and completely cleans bare-floor surfaces
  • Power-Touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls; deluxe floor brush; bare-floor nozzle
  • Blower port; 20-foot cord; compact size; auto shut-off protects against overheating
  • On-board tools include a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
  • Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with 12a

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The best handheld steam cleaner reviews

The Mcculloch Heavy-Duty handheld  Steam Cleaner is one of the best handheld steam cleaner for handling the hardest employments in your garage and workshop for better performance.

It utilizes common water warmed to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit to clean and purify a wide assortment of surfaces and things, as for an example, 1. Oily instruments, 2. Floor mats, 3. Smudged wheels,4. Barbecue grills and so on. These best handheld steam cleaner features expert level of steam control and incorporates a flexible demonstration of purity.

Key Features of The Best Handheld Steam Cleaner:

Bunches of characteristics for the cost. The Mcculloch Mc1275 handheld steam cleaner accompanies a plenty of effective features and those are:

  • 1,500 watts of power transforms 45 minutes of nonstop high compression steam.
  • Cleans and purifies a wide range of surfaces with simple water.
  • Steam-on-interest trigger with nonstop steam locking switch
  • Steam profound cleans and purifies characteristically with no brutal chemicals
  • Lighted on/off switch and warming pointer light for at-a-look status
  • Carry handle holds the steam spout and furnishes movability
  • Wheels with casters for simple versatility
  • Attachments are handled basically any cleaning assignment
  • Flexible steam hose for better performance
  • On-board space compartment for little add-ons
  • 50 oz. Water limit
  • Heating time just only 8 minutes
  • One year manufacture warranty

The best handheld steam cleaner and the reasons behind it:

This significant heavy duty best handheld steam cleaner offers 1500 watts of force, ideal for warming steam enough to clean and sterilize. And the 50 ounce water tank warms enough water for you to steam clean for 60 minutes longer.

A steam control switch gives you a chance to pick precisely what amount of steam you need at once, while the steam primed light briefs you when your machine is prepared to utilize. Besides, a little built in slot is attached with this steam cleaner to accommodate the other accessories supplied with this cleaner.

The caster wheels and twelve foot power cable made the machine simple to move wherever it needs to go. It’s a convenient machine to have around the house for sure.


  • Enormous water container: The fifty ounce water tank provides for you a ton of adaptability to what extent you can utilize the machine at once.  And having a tank of this size provides you to an hour of steam.
  • High temperatures for massive cleaning: This machine warms water to the focus that the steam it makes will, 1. kill germs, 2. dust bugs, plus other minor irritations.
  • Simple to operate: This cleaner accompanies a few capacities that make it simple to utilize and control for better performance. The variable steam control with “steam prepared” light makes it clear when your machine is hot enough to utilize – no mystery!
  • Functional accessories: The best handheld steam cleaner accompanies various exceptionally handy accessories for a better cleaning. Many of the additional items fit perfectly in the space compartment that accompanies the cleaner.

best handheld steam cleanerCons:

  • No storage for power cables: The cleaner doesn’t accompany any component for saving its power cable. But this is not a big issue to me. I generally wind up circling the cable and convey it in my grasp as I move the machine so I don’t wind up with a twelve foot long tail behind me.
  • Steam button is a little loose: Sometimes when I have the steam clip in the secured position it can come a little loose. But, this is just a minor disturbance for me, as its truly not a touchy issue to simply push it back in when it comes detached. Handle with care is the solution to this matter.

Some satisfied customer reviews:

This magnificent product has a 4 star feedback out of 5 on Amazon and among the total 991 customers, 469 customers gave a 5 star feedback as a sign of satisfaction.

“I strongly recommend this to anyone and………………………………simply am AMAZED and have not written a review like this in a longggggg time”—— Jon

“I don’t know why I didn’t buy this years ago. If you have tile, you need this.”——Will

“Best in class, every household must have”——Vijay K. Bhalla

Powerful and cost effective:

It’s astonishing the mixture of assignments a steam cleaner can do in the home.  It’s compelling, it can clean for some time on a single refill, and the steam it makes is hot enough to clean and sterilize. I like the mixture of extras it accompanies, and also the variable steam capacity.  It’s a huge time saver too. If you’d jump at the chance to invest less time cleaning wreckage heaps, you’d appreciate this machine. Grab it to get you home cleaner than ever before!!!

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Reviews

Do you find the best vacuum for hardwood floors? If yes, then definitely the BISSELL best vacuum for hardwood floors model is about the best decision without a doubt. The item additionally accompanies an adaptable, flip-down simple scrubber that could support clients in cleaning their family unit extreme wreckage completely.

Features of the Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors:

  • Effectively cleans light to substantial chaotic masses for flexible utilization. Steam disinfection slaughters up to 99.9% of germs and microbes for a sound atmosphere.
  • Simple Scrubber is a great help for comprehensive and careful cleaning.
  • Lightweight outline makes the steam wipe simple to move and transport from room to room.
  • Water strainer aides support a clean and green nature.
  • 23′ power cable string permits you to clean an extensive zone before evolving outlets.
  • 1500w of power to altogether clean most fixed hardwood floors.
  • 13″ cleaning easy path gives you a chance to cover a wide swath of deck with each pass without a mess.
  • Mop head with a retractable, separable scrubbing characteristic, 2 washable microfiber mop cushions and 2 Spring Breeze aroma disc additions permits flexible cleaning alternatives. Effectively cleans corners and edges.
  • Two years limited warranty

Why Bissell is the best vacuum for hardwood floors?

BISSELL steam mop for hard-floor cleaners clean and disinfect your floors without the utilization of life threatening chemicals.

And when connected to, this steam mops could be geared up to go in as little time as 30 seconds, providing for you a helpful approach to handle ordinary chaotic heaps while killing numerous imperceptible germs and microscopic organisms in just 15 seconds of nonstop contact.

Besides, it’s a regular approach to clean your hard floors without leaving sticky buildup, messy water, or streaking.


Steam mop surveys demonstrates that BISSELL Mop offers various preferences in cleaning, extreme wreckage heaps of family unit floors. And it can cover substantial surface ranges and cleans messes on corners and hideouts.

Besides, its reusable pads are likewise simple to clean and giving accommodation to client when upholding the great state of the item as well. The unit is likewise simple to gather and utilize. A lot of people additionally discover the item’s value a great arrangement for its quality characteristics.


The credible downside of this steam mops model is that some discover its power cable length a tad shorter and for this reason you may need to unplug the mop and while changing a different room.

But this is not a significant problem at all. 23 feet of length is really huge, what do you think?

Satisfied customer reviews of the best vacuum for hardwood floor:

This amazing product has a 4.5 star feedback out of 5 on Amazon. And 389 customers out of 557 gave a 5 star feedback.

“This is the first steamer mop I’ve purchased and I did a lot of research before buying. I have hardwood floors and ceramic tile and it works great for both” —— Christian Binkley

“This steam mop does what it says, and does it well. We used……………………………..They’re ready to use like new” ——  Patrick Oden

“WOW! I had no idea my floors were so dirty!”—— Melissa C Lym

An effective gear for everyday use:

BISSELL Steam Mop 1940 is an incredible decision for a steam mop purchases. It is the best steam mop that significantly takes a shot at numerous sorts of floor surfaces incorporating 1. Ceramic tiles, 2. Vinyl 3. Hardwood floors and so on. This is the best steam mop out there for your everyday use. Grab it today to shine your home surface!!!

Also you can check the product at Amazon!!!